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Helping people to heal and remember....

"I went into the reading with Corrie not knowing what to expect. I left with so much knowledge of my past lives and was excited to tell others about her. I've also participated in a guided meditation with a group that Corrie lead-it was literally out of this world. I highly recommend Corrie for Multidimensional healing, Tarot, and Akashic Records"

Amanda J.

"I had been feeling lost. I had no idea why I was drawn to see Corrie but she helped me understand things about my past lives that affect me in this life. She was very accurate and moved energy all over my body, all I could do was cry. In a good way!"

Jessie K.

"Corrie was able to tell me who my guides were and give insight about things in my past. I got very clear about my purpose and she communicated messages from no longer living loved ones, things only they would know. unreal."

Robyn L. 

"Her system was intense. First an accurate reading then an energy healing. I saw light so brightly with my eyes closed and felt energy moving around. Emotional release for sure."

Chris M.

"Corrie is other worldly. I am not sure what I believe but she sure knew about about me and my past. I definitely felt it and was lighter after"

Dallin W.

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