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In this initial session, energy and the energies around the soul, will be assessed and read through divination and communication from higher sources. This will be the first step in Soul Star Integration. Past and current life themes will be addresses or reveled with the aided recall of traumas or energies that need to be clear.  This can also be a look into life purpose or the question answers of a general reading.

1 hour  /   $125

Initial Session 



Every service is created for the individual souls need. The goal is to get the information or healing so you can be the highest emanation of self.

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Energy Clearing

1 hour  /   $150

This clearing cleanses the Energy Body, Chakras, and Meridians. Methods of Reiki, Quantum Healing, Shamanism, Toning and Etheric Cord cutting will help free the mind, body and soul. This is the first clearing needed before other steps of integration. 

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Soul Star Alchemy/Akashic Records

1 hour plus  / $175

Light Body/DNA Activation. This modality includes aspects of the Akasha, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Shamanism, Alchemical Symbols, Light Language and other healing methods that have been downloaded from my higher self.  The purpose of this method is to clear your energy body for the highest integration of yourself.

*If you just want an Akashic Reading-this is the reading to book. 

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Soul Star Integration

1 hour plus  / $200

The Soul Star Chakra holds all the information of your soul or your energetic Akasha. This method is a downloaded modality from my Higher Self, Galactic Allies, and Star Nation. This can only be done if you are energetically able to hold the vibration of your highest emanation. I must first get the approval from your higher self for this activation BUT this is my purpose to activate as many as possible at this time!

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