Mercury Retrograde Do's and don'ts‏

Updated: Jan 24


It is Mercury Retrograde time again, January 14-February 3, everyone's favorite time of miscommunication. Keep in mind that with Venus just coming out of retrograde there are bound to be some romantic fumbles. The main message my guides are telling me are patience, be patients, and more patience.

The energies are shift for this ascension timeline and many people are waking up. They are waking up in a bit of confusion and these planet retrogrades can add to the energetic confusion. Here are some does and don't for the coming weeks:


Be patient with yourself, others, and electronics

Give yourself extra time to get places

Back up pictures and files

Step back from arguments and look at the big picture

Be kind.


Take everything so seriously

Be critical of yourself and others

Trust things were saved or sent the first time

Be sure you will get there on time.

We will get through this and be sure to keep the faith that this is all for the betterment of our collective!

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